Seltzers and Red Lipstick
August 3, 2023
8:20 pm
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Seltzers and Red Lipstick is a clown themed event featuring empowering female and queer artists – from drag queens to burlesque dancers to punk bands. 

We want to embrace creativity and being yourself; basically just not giving a single fuck about what other people think and the two most notorious kinds of people who do that are clowns and punks. 

Of course, since the event is clown themed, dressing up is highly encouraged so feel free to truly express yourself creatively, whether it comes to just the outfit or the makeup or even both! We want this event to be easily available for anyone to go to, so the cover is pay what you can but since the location is a bar it is 19+. 

Hosted by @unhappy_rabbit_

Dressing up is highly encouraged!

🗓– Thursday, August 3rd
🚪– 8PM

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